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Virtual Office in Mexico

Virtual Office in Mexico

Investors in Mexico can maintain a professional business image by purchasing a virtual office in Mexico. This is a suitable alternative to the traditional office and one that helps investors save the expenses related to renting and maintaining a traditional office space in one of the Mexican cities

Our Mexico company formation agents can help you choose the right solutions for your business. A virtual office can be the most suitable option in your case and you can discuss this with one of our specialists.

 Quick Facts  
  Virtual office – definition 

 A virtual office in Mexico is a physical place, usually located in an office building, where businessmen can benefit from a business address and an office environment.  

Basic services offered by the virtual office


Registered address, mail forwarding and call forwarding. 
Reasons to select the services of a virtual office 


Flexible business environment, flexible services, build a business presence, access to a business network, reduce the costs of the business, etc. 
Who should choose the services of a virtual office in Mexico 

The virtual office in Mexico can be ideal for various types of professionals who do not need to have a traditional office, for freelancers, for those who do not need to have a team of employees reunited under the same space, etc. 

Types of virtual office spaces available  Individual office space, co-working spaces, meeting rooms. 
Virtual office staff available for businessmen 

Receptionist, assistant, mail delivery, IT support team.   

Costs advantages when selecting the virtual office

The client does not have to pay bills, rent, utility costs, maintenance costs and any other costs usually associated with a traditional office.

Types of billing options
in Mexico
Monthly, yearly 
The minimum cost per month for the services of virtual office  $24-33 per month 
The maximum cost per month for renting virtual offices The most complex package for virtual office in Mexico can cost more than $100 per month. 
Additional services that can be requested by businessmen  Access to the workspace area, the usage of the meeting rooms, voicemail access, mail handling, etc. 
Modern means of communications included (yes/no)  Yes 
Meeting rooms available (yes/no)  Yes 
The right to meet with business partners/employees in the virtual office (yes/no)  Yes
 Virtual assistant available (yes/no)  Yes 

What are the advantages of a virtual office in Mexico?

The virtual office is a solution for those investors who want to open a company in Mexico and need an alternative to the traditional office space requirements. 

The Mexico company registration steps also include renting or purchasing property that will be used as the company’s registered office in the country. This needs to be a physical address, however, not all investors find it suitable to make this investment when opening a company in Mexico.

The virtual office is used to have a registered address in Mexico, mandatory for company incorporation. It also allows investors to be reachable at a local address and, when needed, to have access to all of the facilities in a traditional office, including meeting rooms space and other benefits. 

The virtual office package offered by our team in Mexico

Our Mexico company formation agents work with both local and foreign companies and can help you set up and run your business in a professional matter to maintain a professional business image in Mexico, both for clients and for future business partners.

Our virtual office package includes the following:

  1. business address at a prestigious location;
  2. local telephone number;
  3. call answering;
  4. mail handling;
  5. access to office and business facilities such as business rooms, business lounge, etc.

Upon your request, one of our experts can provide you additional services such as private office usage, voicemail access, call forwarding/redirecting as per your instructions.

Our agents who specialize in company formation Mexico can help you with more details on the requirements for opening a company and managing an office.

Why choose the services of a virtual office in Mexico?

The virtual office is a suitable option for investors who do not need to have a traditional office – this can be ideal for those who can carry their business operations exclusively on the internet or for businessmen who have a small company.

This can also be the case, of course, of sole traders, who, through the services of a virtual office in Mexico, they can obtain a professional business image, as they can meet with their partners in a business environment.

Typically, sole traders do not have an office, and they will generally use their personal address as their business address, if the business activity that they carry allows that.

The virtual office can be an attractive solution considering the current trends for employment, as more and more employees find it appealing to work remotely.

Due to the technological progress of the last decades, but also due to the types of online services that have been perfected in the last decades, it is now possible to carry a business activity as an investor, and as an employee, remotely or in a hybrid work environment.

This has created a new type of work environment – the telework, which refers to remote work. This can be ideal for those who need to hire employees, while using the virtual office as the company’s office.

Please find below some of the latest data concerning telework:

  • in 2020, work contracts that offered telework increased by 78%;
  • in a study conducted at a global level, it was shown that 72% of the employees consider that the hybrid work (remote and in an office) is the most appealing work scenario;
  • 16% of the workers consider that remote work is ideal for them;
  • remote jobs announcements on recruitment platforms increased by 350% in May 2021, compared to May 2020;
  • in a study analyzing the productivity of remote workers, it was shown that 45% of them have reported better productivity results, and these results were backed-up by their employers as well.

What are the costs of a virtual office in Mexico?

Choosing the services of a virtual office in Mexico can drastically reduce the expenses related to the registration of a business. During the process of company formation in Mexico, investors will probably spend a large budget for many registration procedures.

In the case of foreign investors, immigration procedures must also be taken into consideration, such as the issuance of a visa, a procedure for which a fee is charged as well.

The virtual office is seen as the most cost-efficient solution in obtaining a business address, which is compulsory for all businesses.

The costs will vary depending on the services selected by the clients, but in all cases, they will represent just a fraction of the monthly costs that a businessman should expect to pay when establishing a business in a traditional office.

In general, the fees charged by those that provide virtual office services are imposed on a monthly basis, and in Mexico, they are around $139-$149. However, these costs are charged for basic services.

In the case of investors who want a private office that includes all the services, and which can accommodate more persons – from 1 to 5 or 6 persons, then the costs can increase to even $2,000.

The overall prices are generally influenced by 2 main factors: 1) the services chosen by the businessman, and 2) the location of the building that hosts the virtual office.

If you need further information concerning the types of services that can be the most suitable for your business, our consultants in company formation in Mexico can help you. You can also rely on our team of other procedures related to opening a company in Mexico, such as obtaining a business license.

You can contact us if you have questions about the company registration process or if you need dedicated professional assistance. 

We also recommend you to get in touch with us if you need accounting services for your business in Mexico. If you want to register a large business, we advise you to hire a CPA in Mexico, which refers to an accountant that has an in-depth knowledge of the field.

The CPA is also a member of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants, which require all members to have at least a 1 year experience in the field before registration.