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Open a Publishing Company in Mexico

Open a Publishing Company in Mexico

publishing company is a company which publishes literature, music or other types of information, making them available to the general public. Sometimes, the authors of such work can be their own publishers, which implies that the creators and developers of content also provide the media to distribute and display the content. 

As follows, our Mexico company formation consultants provide a few key details related to opening a publishing company in Mexico.

What are the laws on copyright in Mexico?

Copyright in Mexico is regulated by the Civil Code of 1871, which contains comprehensive provisions for the protection of literary and art property.

According to the above-mentioned law, the citizens of Mexico have the exclusive right of publishing and reproducing, partly or entirely, their original works.

The literary copyright is perpetual, under the code, however, the publisher of a posthumous work by a known author has the copyright only for thirty years, except if he or she is the author’s heir or assign.

Our company formation advisors in Mexico can provide further details on the copyright laws in Mexico.

What are the copyrights for foreigners in Mexico?

The Civil Code of Mexico also provides the legal frame for the copyrights for foreigners in this country.

The code stipulates that a foreigner who resides in Mexico or who publishes in this jurisdiction can obtain copyright for his or her work.

The above-mentioned law provides that:

  • There is no distinction between local or foreign authors, as long as the work is published in the country;
  • In case a local or foreign citizen who resides in Mexico publishes his or her work abroad, he or she may obtain copyright, provided that he or she complies with certain conditions. Our Mexico company registration agents can offer more information on what these conditions are.

What is the most common structure of a publishing company in Mexico?

The most popular business structure of a publishing company in Mexico is the limited liability company.

To open such a company in Mexico, the following steps have to be taken:

  1. Obtain the name authorization from the Ministry of Economy, which is an important aspect when opening a publishing company in Mexico;
  2. Prepare the company deed with a notary public: a company deed is a legal written instrument which attests the interest, right or property;
  3. Register the above-explained company deed with the Public Register of Commerce in Mexico;
  4. Obtain the tax ID number and register with the local tax administration: a tax ID number is an identifying number used for tax purposes in this jurisdiction;
  5. Other steps: we can explain to you what these other steps consist of, upon request.

If you have more questions about publishing companies in Mexico, or for assistance in setting up such a company in Mexico, please feel free to contact us.

After you complete the incorporation of the publishing company, we can put you in contact with our team of accountants in Mexico, as you will need a specialized person to maintain the bookkeeping of your business.

You can rely on our team not only for bookkeeping services, but also for reporting to the tax and financial institutions, as per the requirements of the accounting law.