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Manufacturing Food Products in Mexico

Manufacturing Food Products in Mexico

Mexico represents the seventh largest agri-food product importer in the world, not including the EU. There are numerous large local food companies which supply the market in Mexico, as well as the export to other countries, mainly in Latin America. In this article, our Mexico company formation agents analyze a few aspects related to manufacturing food products in Mexico.

Licenses required to set up a business in Mexico

The main cities in this country are governed by individual legal acts which classify the business operation types which are allowed for specific territories. This also includes manufacturing food products in Mexico.

This implies that industrial and commercial facilities are only allowed in certain locations. It is therefore important to validate the legal permits of a building prior to purchasing land or setting up any obligation with a real estate owner.

The city license in Mexico can be obtained indefinitely or on a yearly basis. This aspect depends on every city regulations.

Our company formation consultants in Mexico can offer more details related to this type of license. We can also help investors who are interested to open a company in Mexico in the food product manufacturing sector here.

Packaging and labeling regulations in Mexico

The information related to the general labeling of products in Mexico is stipulated in the official list of standards and regulations NOM-050-SCFI-2004.

According to the above-mentioned regulation, labels in Mexico have to include:

• The manufacturer’s name;

• The importer’s name;

• A component description;

• A warning on risks, if applicable;

• Other details: our Mexico company registration consultants can offer all the necessary information on these other details.

The languages which are allowed on packaging and labeling in Mexico is Spanish, however, these can also include words in other languages.

The food products in Mexico have to be labeled by including the phrase “Produced in…”, “Fabricated in…” or “Made in…” or other similar sentences.

In case you require further information on a food product manufacturing business in Mexico, or for assistance in setting up a company in Mexico, do not hesitate to speak to our friendly staff.

For professional bookkeeping and accounting services, we invite you to contact our CPA in Mexico. The services of a CPA are needed after you complete the incorporation procedure and the company starts operating.

The CPA is a type of accountant that has a higher education level compared to a regular accountant, and thus, the person is also able to provide tax advice.